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 Jeff Walton - Class of '68

55th Reunion
September 9, 2023

The Venue...

Saturday:  Pot Luck at French Park Main Event Room 4:00PM to 8:30PM 

55th Reunion Photos:
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Event: Event Date Photos from:
French Park - Photo Group #1 9/9/23 Jeff Walton
French Park - Photo Group #2  9/9/23 Jeff Walton
French Park - Photo Group #3  9/9/23 Jeff Walton
French Park - Photo Group #4 9/9/23 Jeff Walton

What a great event! Thanks to the classmates that dropping everything to join in for a 55th celebration. It was so great to get everyone together in one place to enjoy swapping stories, sharing some great food and reconnecting.

Our final turnout was ~45 people, a perfect size for the venue. We saw Jake’s “Smores Stand”, Dusty’s catered Pot Luck and a few clandestine bottles of wine smuggled in under the watchful eyes of the Park Reserve Watchman.

Of note, our 9th grade Class President, Steve Thompson, joined us after a 30-year absence from our class reunions! We had (6) no-shows, (3) party crashers and several people that came in from far reaches like New York, New Zealand, Iowa, California, Arizona, Wisconsin and Plymouth. 

We have a really great group that enjoyed getting together and it was so good to see everyone. We missed some classmates that are no longer with us and it makes these gatherings even more special.


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